10 Best Hindi Story Books for Kids-Part I

  • Team Kidmish Dec 18, 2018

Introducing your child to Hindi literature during the formative years is imperative, especially during this current digital age. Collections of short stories in Hindi reflect the rich culture, traditions, ethical beliefs and the social structure of ancient India. The stories, authored by celebrated writers, portray mythological characters, gods, powerful rulers, fictional characters, animals and mythical beasts that have fascinated and sparked the imaginative skills of children for ages.

The existence of these timeless tales, even after thousands of years, verify their engrossing effect on readers. Online stores are now the best options to look for Hindi Kahani books that offer a vast collection for all ages by best of authors and publishing houses. Gifting your kids a collection of colourful Hindi books will go a long way in enhancing their literary skills with amusing little anecdotes.

I have always been an avid reader and have tried to imbibe the reading habit in my children too. In this article, I have shortlisted

10 best Hindi story books that can be thoroughly enjoyed by kids.

Tenali Ram by Ganga Prasad Sharma

Tenali Ram is a collection of stories that illustrate the extraordinary wit, humour and wisdom of Tenali, a poet and jester at the court of Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara emperor. It’s an amusing kids’ storybook that illustrates delightful anecdotes about the ingenious mind of the poet, his astuteness and intuitive intelligence that helped expose follies of people in the kingdom. Bubbling over with amusement, the stories also highlight the rich Indian culture of the 16th century and are written in simple language that children of 6-12 years will be delighted to read.

Nanhi Kahaniyaan by Sorit Gupto and Trishna Sarkar

Nanhi Kahaniyaan is a collection of short stories in Hindi for children of different age groups. The book, divided into 4 sets, is a series of colourful stories with vibrant images and big text sizes apt for early learning of Hindi language. The fictional tales are illustrative and descriptive in nature that highlight the different stages of life and ways to deal with them through beautiful pictorial representations. From beginners to teenagers, the book is surely a good read for developing an aptitude for reading and learning the language. Also, with every set kids will get a colourful one-page calendar.

Chatur Khargosh by Dreamland Publications

This is a story of wit and presence of mind of a rabbit who outsmarts a ferocious lion and saves the animals of the jungle from getting killed by him. The fictional story in Hindi, written in a simplistic way, takes you through a beautiful jungle and introduces you to anthropomorphized animals through fascinating illustrations that is sure to intrigue the young readers. The book is a great gift for kids of 4-7 years and is fun and entertaining to read that draws the moral- cleverness can overcome a foe.

Anokhi Dosti by Subhash Kommuru

It is a remarkable tale of friendship, love and compassion that paints colourful and mesmerizing illustrations of the narrative. The allegory provides a real taste of companionship and the magical transformative power it holds that definitely touches the heart of the readers. It highlights themes like transformation, love, the healing power of friendship and the adverse effects of bullying through its modest writing and pictorial representations. A laugh-out-read for kids of 4-7 years of age is guaranteed from this award-winning picture book.

100 Samasyae Ek Nivarak Birbal by Pustak Mahal Editorial

The book captures the delightful, fun-filled anecdotes of Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal that have enthralled generations of readers. Birbal, a poet, singer, advisor and a member of the navaratnas in the court of Emperor Akbar, was known for his wit, the presence of mind and lateral thinking. More than just a fascinating read, these folklores sneak into the magnificence of the Mughal heritage and the rich Indian history that is aptly complemented by attractive illustrations. These giggle-out-loud events are definitely a joyous read for kids above 5 years and are a worthy addition to children’s literature.

Buddhiman Hans by Dreamland Publications

The story exemplifies the importance of an intuitive mind and a strong perception that can be a saviour in an unfavourable situation. The book by Dreamland Publications beautifully portrays the story through a vivid pictorial representation of swans and attractive text. Beginners who have been introduced to Hindi will take an instant liking to the narrative. This moral story in Hindi from Panchatantra, written in simple language will surely entertain and educate children of 3-5 years age.

Vikram & Betal by Om Press

The classic stories of King Vikramaditya and the vampire Betal have enchanted and intrigued the young and the old alike. These are series of adventurous and mystery short stories in Hindi about the common simpletons, fairies, ghosts, different classes of people and the social structure of ancient India that kids of 7-10 years will love to read. Narrated by the willful vampire to the king, each story reflects judgments on morality, love, sacrifice and loyalty that are brought to life through colourful pictures. Stocked with photographs, the book offers a selection of fascinating stories that have earned immortality over the years.

Hari Mirch ka Raaz

The book boosts the importance of analytical and scientific thinking, logic and wisdom that is an essential need today. The society is plagued by sly, frauds and unscrupulous people and only people with sound and prudent judgment skills can surface the reality. These collections of selected stories highlight the fraudulent nature of monks and sorcerers and the intriguing ways in which the children fathom the reality and expose the deceptive practices to introduce reality to the society. The stories give a unique taste of the significance of knowledge and awareness of the reality that is a perfect read for kids of 7-10 years.

101 Panchatantra Tales by Maple Press

It’s a collection of legendary fables from the ancient Indian civilization, composed by Vishnu Sharma in the 2nd century B.C. Replete with lively illustrations, the succinct, didactic stories foster strong moral values in an interactive way. Panchatantra was originally written with the purpose of enrooting values in the king’s sons that is based on 5 strong principles- Mitra Laabha, Mitra Bhedha, Suhrudbheda, Sandhi and Vigraha. With time, it garnered immense popularity and have been cherished by youngsters and adults alike. The book fosters fun and interesting learning experience for kids above 6-13 years and gives wings to their imaginations.

Bargad: A Picture Book by Subhash Kommuru

The Hindi Kahani incorporates themes of love, kindness and gratitude in the midst of change and modernization. The moral of the story is reflected through Bargad, a fictional tree who is the oldest resident of a village that has withstood several challenges in the past. But, his existence is now challenged in the midst of progression. The writer, through the richness of his language and fascinating illustrations, explains the importance of care, gratitude and respect for the traditions, customs, environment and family that kids above 5 years will surely enjoy.

These moral stories in Hindi are an intricate tapestry that interweaves innumerable episodes of life into mesmeric narratives with moral content. These classic fables, embellished with richly detailed images and texts, are an instant appeal for kids. The search for kid’s books can be never-ending. Though I’ve handpicked only 10 famous stories, there are more to these that I will soon come up with.

Meanwhile, if the article interests you then you can also list your kid’s favourites and share them with us as they will be a valuable addition to the collection.

Enjoy reading!

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