10 Best Hindi Story Books For Kids-Part II

  • Team Kidmish Jan 11, 2019

As promised, I’ve carefully handpicked and come up with the next engrossing collection of short stories in Hindi for kids. Fictional tales boost the imaginative skills while rich language develops the linguistic abilities in kids. Stories pertaining to the different phases of life and represented through human or animation form carry a subtle yet, a strong moral message essential to implant in children during their formative years.

The stories listed here are a bunch of delightful allegories and incorporates the different shades of life that kids stumble on during their initial stages. Read-aloud these fun kid’s storybooks that rightly introduces them to Hindi literature.

  • Bandar Baant

Written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, the story lies emphasis on the adverse consequences of fights and quarrels and their evil outcome. The moral of the story that ‘disputes can only lead to your loss and gain for others’, is depicted through two cats and a monkey and written in an easy, flowing language that children can easily connect to. Beautiful illustrations and bright colours further enhance the feel of the fictional story that kids of 4-7 years will definitely enjoy.

  • School ka Pehla Din by Arti Smit

It's a level 1 amusing story in Hindi for beginners that explores the milestone of a child’s life as she sets on for her first day in school. The story depicts the transition phase of a child from the preschooler stage to grade-schooler stage and the emotional anxieties that they face. This sweet, touching story, illustrated with pictures provides a motivating learning experience for kids above 4 years.

  • Mera Ghar by Rukmini Banerji

It’s a heart-warming story of a cute, little girl who is in a hurry to get back home but the reason is untold till the end. The storyline deals with curious events that intrigue the readers to discover the purpose for the urgency to visit home. Written in a poignant style, this short story in Hindi imparts a nostalgic feel to adults about their childhood days while for youngsters it kindles affection and love for relationships. Laden with illustrations, this beautiful picture book brings life to the latent emotions of the child and aptly justifies the storyline.

  • Nanhe Madadgar by Mamta Naini

A beautiful illustrative Hindi Kahani, Nanhe Madadgar, describes the story of a brother and sister as they embark upon a fun-filled activity of painting their house door. The story reveals the inquisitiveness of the kids when they curiously watch upon painters painting their home and their desire to provide a lending hand to the work. The colourful book is an entertaining read for kids of 4-6 years that depicts the playfulness and mischievous activities of the siblings.

  • Nirali Dadi by Mala Kumar

It’s delightful poetry about a funny and amusing grandmother who has a special aptitude for juggling things around her. The story explores the enthusiasm and liveliness of the old lady who, despite her old age and even in the midst of her household responsibilities, is full of life and vigour. The verse aptly captures the humour content with complementing illustrations about the grandmother’s unique nature of juggling things at their mere sight and her liveliness that renders a ticking effect on the kids.

  • Jungle ka School by Pratham Books Team

All the animals rush with great enthusiasm to get enrolled in a new school that has opened up in the jungle. This kid’s storybook explores the jungle life and eagerness of the anthropomorphic animals to join and learn in a school together but is also hesitantoftheir new teacher. The discovery of the place and the final encounter with the teacher makes the book a joyous read for preschoolers of 3-5 years as they too embark on their new educational journey in life.

  • Chunnu-Munnu ka Nahana by Rohini Nilekani

The verse encompasses the adorable and mischievous activities of two kids as their mother attempt to bathe them. The story is a reflection of every individual’s childhood memory, the liveliness of infants and their unique bonding with parents. Beautifully written, this funny poem is a delightful read for kids of 4-6 years of age.

  • Udne Wala Auto by Poona S Kudesia

Explore the imaginary world of fairy-tale as Arjun, a fictional auto, takes you for a ride into the magical land. Reality meets fantasy when Arjun’s desire to fly like a helicopter turns true with a touch of magic. Imaginations turn wild as the auto flies through the sky of Delhi, far away from the maddening traffic and attractive landmarks. Written with a philosophical touch, the alluring graphic representations and fancy language rightfully capture the emotions and superficial desires of man that often supersedes reality. This fictional story in Hindi is surely a fascinating read for kids above 6 years.

  • Amma Jab School Gayi by Rajesh Khar

A comical story not only amuses readers but also engages them in an interesting learning experience. This story in Hindi depicts the visit of a mother to her daughter’s school who goes to pick her up but gets anxious when she is not found. The plot further sneaks into the curious events that led to her disappearance and the ultimate hilarious conclusion of the story. Read aloud the attractively illustrated book to your children and spark their inquisitive mind.

  • Baag ki Sair by Madhubala Joshi

One of the major serious issues that currently plague the earth is global warming. This moral story in Hindi centres around the invaluable importance of trees for the environment and their significance in our lives. Besides being the primary source of oxygen, they are vital for conserving water, supporting wildlife, weather conditions and producing nourishment. Without their comforting shade and tasty fruit, our earth would be a barren place. This educational narrative takes you for a relaxing walk through the king’s orchard to savour the fragrance, taste and antiquity of the bountiful fruit trees and their essential contributions to earth that makes them imperative for survival.


Is your favourite story listed here? Well, with countless options to choose from online stores, the selection of best-loved kid’s storybooks may vary. These stories, written by creative authors in the contemporary style, are both thought-provoking and timeless that are sure to amuse toddlers, preschoolers and teenagers with unadulterated joy.

Write to us about your child’s favourite books that will definitely be a valuable addition to this album of delightful Hindi Kahani.

Happy Reading! Until next time.

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