5 Life shaping benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids

  • Team Kidmish Mar 22, 2018

Do you remember your very first memories with your parents? Can you recall some of the fondest ones amongst them? Seems like a scene from some old movie, doesn’t it?

Tell me if you don't have at least one throwback memory of listening to bedtime stories from your parents? Doesn't this recall bring a smile to your face? Don’t you feel happy, warm and loved just remembering an incident that happened decades ago?

Sure you do :D

Story - One magical word that unfolds a whole new world for the children.

That’s the amazing thing about stories! They charm the kids and take them into an imaginary world of wonders, of possibilities and incredible things!

No wonder the fascination for hearing more and more stories never ends.

Why are stories so important for the kids?

It has been proven that storytelling contributes majorly to the growth and development of children. 
Stories for kids not only cement the parent-child bonding but they also help in building the overall personality of the kids.

It is a known fact that we humans remember something better when it is told in the form of a story. No wonder why our ancestors devised this amazing tool to share their vast knowledge with us. Over the generations, parents have been taking the tradition of storytelling forward to engage, entertain and teach various things to their kids.

Why is it important to say good-night with a story?

Bedtime stories are a way of saying gentle goodnight to the children. It comforts them, eases their subconscious anxiety and prepares them for a sound and relaxed sleep. Children are most attentive when listening to a story and the soft tones of their parent lull them to sleep carrying them to the land of dreams in no time.

Apart from the immediate benefit, ending a day with a story has many long-term benefits for children. Let us sample some of these that go a long way in shaping a child’s life;

Inculcates Good Bedtime Routine

The first and most evident benefit of reading bedtime stories it that it creates a daily bedtime routine which is essential in the super-busy modern lives of kids and their parents. Since kids always want one more story, it becomes easy for the parents to make them wind up whatever other activity they might be indulging in before going tothe bed.

Allotting a designated story hour sets a routine and a fixed sleeping hour which is essential for the ideal functioning of the body clock. Stories also calm the kids before they drift to sleep finally.

A regular routine and sleep pattern not only keeps the kids energetic the next day but also ensures they have rested well. Children who grow up reading bedtime stories regularly, usually carry this habit in their adult life also and have a more regular and sound sleeping pattern.

Creates Parent-child Bonding

We know from our own childhood experiences that listening to stories from our parents has been one of our most cherished memories. While reading stories the kids have many questions and this can lead to a very engaging discussion which explains the nuances of the story from your perspective as well as from the kid’s viewpoint.

Stories for kids have many layers and you can explain the characters, events place the problems and their outcomes and try to hear the opinion of your child. This can give you a great insight into your child’s thought processes and psyche and help you to alleviate any fears or misconceptions they might have.

As parents you can work to strengthen the mental and moral fibre of your child with stories and these virtues will remain with them for a lifetime shaping them gradually as a person they become in their adult lives.

Enhances Imagination and Logical Skills

Stories for kids help greatly in developing their imagination and logical skills. This also helps in developing their educational skills and reading books does not seem like a burden when they are introduced to the books from their syllabus.

While reading a story they naturally form pictures in their mind and start predicting the outcome of the stories. This whole process not only enhances their cognitive skills but also makes them think about the various outcomes which further refines their logical skills.

By reading out bedtime stories to your children, you are not only engaging them and enhancing their knowledge but you are also developing lifelong skill sets in them that will be of great help in their educational, professional and practical life.

Better Language and Communication Skills

Stories are very important in developing the language and communication skills of the children. Reading story builds a richer vocabulary for the child making it easier for them to communicate effectively.  

If you read out stories to kids in more than one language it boosts their learning and understanding of all these languages without putting any additional efforts.
Reading multilingual 
stories for kids enhances their linguistic skills and also makes them a better multitasker who can juggle between multiple tasks easily.

By a regular routine of storytelling at night you can enhance the descriptive and advanced linguistic skills of your child that will be an asset for a lifetime.

Instils morals and values

The stories that are crafted for children, usually carry a lesson and impart some morals and values woven into the storyline. Unknowingly, children learn a lot about values like compassion, love for all living things, respect, gratitude, the result of good and bad deeds and much more.

Moral stories for kids sets a tone for what is expected from them a person without even giving them formal guidelines. Children idolize and love the main characters in the stories and automatically emulate them thus imbibing their qualities, morals, and virtues.

These qualities usually stay with them for life as they leave their imprint on the kids’ personality in their formative years.


It is clear that the bedtime routine of storytelling has enormous benefits in shaping the overall personality of your kids. R
eading bedtime stories to the kids is an activity that helps you share quality time with your little ones and inculcates habits that stay with them forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a story for your little one and take them into the land of sweet dreams!
Until then, Happy Parenting!

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Amazing blog! Bed time stories are one of my fondest memories too... didn't knew they were such an important part of building my present!

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Nice blog

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