5 Tips to keep in mind before buying Baby Dresses

  • Kriti Aggarwal Jun 04, 2018

Two little feet, with ten tiny toes.

Isn’t it strange, how quickly time goes?

Footprints so small, but this will not last.

You change each day, you’ll grow so fast.

These two little footprints, will help me recall

How little were you, when your feet were so small.

By: Anonymous

The most joyous moment in one’s life is when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. You feel as if the whole world has come to a standstill. It gives rise to a whirlpool of emotions within you. To take care and nurture them is a big responsibility yet wonderful and magical experience.

Buying baby dresses is nothing less than a fun activity. There are a variety of cute dresses available in bright colours and chic styles that you will fall in love the moment you see them. We all want to dress our little bundle of joy in a way that they look super cute and adorable on any occasion. So let’s explore different tips on what to keep in mind before buying dresses for our little ones.

5 Tips for buying baby dresses:


Newborn babies need very soft, warm and comfortable clothes. Babies tend to become uncomfortable when harsh and rough fabrics come in contact with their sensitive skin. You should buy infant dresses in cotton and soft cotton blends.

Ease of use

Babies take feeds, burps and change diapers frequently so changing baby dresses should not be challenging for the caretaker. They should easily be able to change babies’ clothes. Few things that will help you with this are:

  • Snap buttons on shoulders and front are a great help while sliding baby dress gently over newborn’s head. Snap buttons near crotch helps to change a diaper easily in infants.
  • Envelope folds on the shoulders of baby vests and onesies can help you to pull the dress easily from your babies head instead of making it complicated.
  • Elasticated lowers or pants is a better option than the buttoned one. You should try to get elasticated jeans just like you for your little one.
  • It will be a great idea to have a variety of snap-crotch baby bodysuits to meet the everyday requirement for babies.

Things to avoid

You should avoid zippers for infant clothing as it might come in contact with their skin and hurt them. Moreover, you should avoid detachable pieces of clothing, snaps, buttons, drawstrings around the neck and waist, rhinestones and other decorative appliques on babies clothing as it might lead to choking hazard in babies. Most of the baby-clothing brands avoid these types of decorations, but homemade items and often small brands attach different kinds of decorative pieces in babies clothes to make the dress look more beautiful and colourful. But they need to make sure that they are secured and fastened tightly.


Different brands have different size charts for baby clothing. You should always refer to the size chart before finalising the size of the baby clothing. Along with the age group, most good brands also specify the height and weight of the kids the dress is meant for. Infants grow very fast, the size of their outfits will outgrow very soon so it’s better to buy the dress size that will last long. For instance, you should not buy newborn size clothing in large numbers instead you should buy one size bigger dresses and fold up the sleeves and pants initially to make proper use of the apparel. Otherwise, if it doesn’t fit properly or if not used fully then it might cause a lot of disappointment for you and would be a sheer wastage of money.


Different Silhouettes are available for babies according to their needs.

Onesies: An Onesie is a bodysuit, designed to be worn by infants both boys and girls much like a T-shirt. They have an extension below the waist unlike t-shirts and are closed over the crotch with snaps or Velcro. Generally, they are made of cotton or polyester fleece fabric which is lightweight, soft, warm and machine washable. They come in a variety of colours and prints. You should try and make them regular wear for infants. Kids look super cute in onesies and they are super easy for mother's or caretaker while changing diapers.

Rompers: They are an extension of onesies, covering legs and arms fully. They have two options one covering the feet and other till ankles. You can make your kids wear rompers to make them feel cozy as rompers give warmth to the baby during winters, covering them fully from head to toe.

Frocks: There are a variety of frocks available in various colours and fabrics. You should use cotton frocks for your little angels which are soft and comfortable to their skin.  

Accessories: Today accessories are very much in vogue. There are a variety of accessories available right from the time the baby is born. Starting from hair accessories to fancy socks and shoes, there are numerous options to select from. Starting from booties, beanies, socks, leggings, hairbands, hair clips, mittens, baby quilts, bath towels.


Buying baby dresses is just a click away even if you are busy raising your loved one and don’t have enough time to explore. There is a huge range of designs available for infants online. Try them here and enjoy your shopping experience at your convenience:-)

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