7 baby books to start your little one’s personal library

  • Team Kidmish Jun 12, 2017

So your little one has started snatching the books from your hand? Aren’t you delighted to see the shine in your babies eyes when it does so? Wondering if you should buy baby books to create the very first library for your lil one? Not sure if it is a good idea to introduce books so early?

So, you are worried whether your darling baby will even flip the pages or just try to tear the book and gobble it up? It is very likely that she/he would give you mighty shocks by doing all these things. But this certainly should not stop you from inculcating a love for books in your kids right from the very beginning.

How kids books help your little ones?

Both research and children’s experts suggest that books have huge benefits in the development of kids. Some of the proven benefits of books for kids are;

  • Introducing books in the very first year of a child aids in their emotional and intellectual growth. Reading stories to kids aids in brain development and makes them open and receptive to learning.
  • Listening to their parents read books introduces kids to different sounds and tones thus helping them to understand the nuances of language effortlessly.
  • Bright and simple picture based children books enhance a child’s cognitive skills.
  • Playbooks that allow kids to detach/attach characters or items of a story help with their hand-eye coordination
  • Above all spending reading time enhance parent-child bond and emotional connection.

Building Your Little One’s 1st Library

Creating the very first library for your little one is not only exciting but also a great fun. Pay attention to the following facts when choosing books for your baby;

  • Pick up books that have large pictures
  • Choose books with bright colour images
  • Engage kids on their own using soft books with detachable items
  • Include books that include number and alphabets
  • Include children books with cartoon images of birds, insects, flowers etc
  • Include books with sounds like animal sounds or sing-song books
  • Include books that introduce everyday items to your kid

7 crinkle books to begin your kid's library

All the moms in Kidmish panel vouch for soft books to begin their kids’ library. These books are not only soft, bright, detachable but also washable. Allowing your kids to play with these develops their sense of touch and feel and also enhances their hand-eye coordination.

Every child is a little scientist who is curious about all that is happening around him. These books allow them to explore various aspects of a character or item and facilitates interactive learning. This simple and fun exercise with these soft baby books helps greatly in the growth of cognitive and motor skills of the infants.

We bring for you a list of some lovely crinkle books recommended by moms at Kidmish:

Cartoon Book with Lion and other Animals

This is a lovely book with cartoon baby animal characters in bright and contrasting colours. This book introduces counting in a fun way with the animal characters that attract the small kids up to 2 years of age. The material is soft and safe for kids. You can use this book at home or while travelling with your kid and can enjoy long interactive and engaging sessions with your child using this lovely book.

This book can be easily attached to the stroller, infant carrier or car seat. You can soothe your cranky baby with the interesting and bright characters shown in this baby book.  

Tagged Monkey Book

This is a lovely book for kids of all ages. With a variety of colours and shapes, this book can engage your little one for long and keep them happy with exploring the various tags. It has an inbuilt loudspeaker function which when pinched gives an amusing ring that can amuse your little one. This easy to clean book is safe for kids and does not tear or break even when bitten by the little ones.

Be ready for a lot of laughter, giggles and amusing crooning sounds from your munchkin while he is engrossed in this interactive baby book.

Fun with Owl

True to its name this book ensures oodles of fun. The colourful soft book with lots of tags allows your baby to explore and have fun while exploring the various shapes, characters and inbuilt sound device. The whole book is a wholesome entertainment package that can keep babies engaged on their own or in the company of parents. This book is very helpful in developing the recognition abilities of the infants.

Explore the joys of amusing interactions with your little one along with this fun book.

Fun with Animals

This is an amazing book with cartoon images of various animals, their names and the sounds they make. It helps introduce various animals and the sounds made by them. You can use this book to weave some impromptu story for your little one each time you play with this children’s book. Children get fascinated by animals and their funny shapes and this book is the ideal gift to engross your child.

Have fun exploring various animals and teaching your kid to make the animal sounds!

The Butterfly Book

This is an amazing book in the shape of a butterfly. This is a book-cum-toy which is perfect for toddlers. This book has colourful plastic rings inbuilt in the butterfly shape that can be a good teether for young kids who tend to nibble on everything during the teething phase. This book is easy for the babies to carry and they tug it along wherever they go.

The unique shape of this book makes it a good toy that is interesting for your kid and they never get bored exploring it over and over again.

Numbers are Fun

This baby book will help you teach numbers and counting to your little one in a fun way. Very small kids can flip through its colourful and contrasting pages and enjoy the everyday images used along with numbers to teach counting. The colourful images of candies, ice cream, balloons, lollies etc. helps kids in developing an association with these items and improve their cognitive skills.

Have loads of fun reading this book in a sing-song manner with your little fun. For added fun try changing your tone in a funny way and be rewarded with the amused and excited expressions of your bundle of joy!

A tale of Animal Tails

Here comes a children book that narrates the tale of tails for your kids. Let your child explore the various animals and their tails in a fun way with this book. The book features funny animals and their tails in different shapes and fabric. A little child will find it most exciting to touch and explore the different types of tails and their varied texture and length.

This book is non-toxic and safe even if your little one ends up chewing it. The lovely and colourful animal shapes are designed to keep kids absorbed and give you ample free time to wrap up some of your daily chores.


Baby books are undoubtedly a fun way to introduce your kids to an entertaining world of animals, numbers, shapes, colours, sounds, patterns, everyday items and the joys of storytelling. They enhance your child’s learning ability and play a pivotal role in their development.

With so much goodness packed in a small soft book, come, let's start adding few of them to the first library of our bundle of joy!

Until then, Happy Parenting!

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