7 Tips for buying Kids Dresses Online

  • Kriti Aggarwal Mar 24, 2018

With virtually little time to spare and so much to complete in a day’s work, it is natural for anyone to hate going outside and spending their valuable time in traffic jams and long queues while trying out kids dresses and getting their bills done. Add to this the tantrums our kids throw when we take them to a place they are “not-in-the-mood” to go. And, yes don’t forget all the packing and preparations you got to do if you are going out with young kids.

Phew! All this effort! At times it feels not less than scaling a summit!

You really need a break from this routine and yet be able to get quality baby clothes for your little ones. This is where online shopping enters our lives as a saviour. With the hectic pace of modern life, Shopping online is no longer an option but has become a necessity. It is convenient, comfortable and cost-effective. Buying online has taken away the pain from shopping and made it an enjoyable experience where you shop from the comfort of your home and get your goods delivered to your doorstep.

However, when shopping becomes so easy, we tend to go on an impulsive buying spree. Impulse buying is not a sin but when shopping for kids we should always know what we want to buy rather than buying too many things on an impulse and then regretting our hasty decisions.

Some of the important things to keep in mind before buying anything for your baby, toddler or adolescent are:

Know your child’s wardrobe

Before we start looking out for kids dresses online we should keep in mind what they really need. Usually, parents tend to go on a shopping spree when it comes to buying baby clothes online and end up buying products which they already have or do not need. So, before hitting the checkout button online, we should run a check of our kids closet and look for clothing that they require according to their growth phase as well as weather conditions.

Correct Size

Size of your child is the most important factor to keep in mind while buying dresses online for kids. You should always refer to the size chart available on the site. It will help you find the correct measurement that fits your child. Infants and toddlers grow very fast so it always better to buy little bigger size. This way the kid's dresses can be worn for a longer time and you would not have to replace it soon. Different brands can have different sizes so it is advisable to check the size of the dress appropriately before making any purchase online.

Style and design

Even though comfort is the key factor while buying the kids dresses, style and design should not be compromised.. Go for the products that compliment your kid's personality and confidence. For daily wear baby girl dresses and baby boy clothes, choose products that are very comfortable. Opt for cotton or other natural fabrics with minimal embellishments. 

Ensure that the fabric you choose for young kids is very soft and the dress should not hamper their mobility. It should be easy to wear and change. For kids party wear, you can try different fabrics, fancy buttons and embellishments. As party dresses are worn for a shorter period of time, you can give preference to style over durability


Comfort is the foremost factor when we buy kids clothes. Unlike real stores, online shopping does not offer you the touch and feel of the garments you like.Sowhen you are buying online, use the various features to review the product from different angles before you make your final decision. There are multiple ways to decide whether the fabric is worth buying or not. Firstly, look at the different images of the product with zoom in feature, present almost on all the portals and then look at the product description to check the specifications of the dress and material. If you are not satisfied even after this then look for reviews given by other buyers who have purchased and used a given garment

Product Rating and Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important and influential tool to help you in your final buying decisions. They give the real perspective on the product you are considering to buy. Look for the answers to all your queries about the softness of the material, the garment fit, whether the colour is same as shown in the image and lastly the timely delivery of the product. So if the product rating is good and has given you enough confidence then go for it.  

Sale and discount offers

Gone are the days when parents used to wait for discount offers during the festive season at retail stores. In the race to beat competition online stores are offering huge discounts on all products periodically. All you need to do is subscribe to their mailing list and stay updated regarding their flash sales and other promotional offers.

If you choose the right online selling site for your kids dresses you can make huge savings even on branded dresses and a variety of other stuff. You can get an extensive catalogue of products at competitive pricing online. If you shop online regularly you can identify the portals that offer almost everything in one place. Just ensure that the portal you are buying from is safe and reliable.

Kids dresses are as costly as adults and if you are looking for quality then you have to pay for it. So, you can buy baby clothes throughout the year. If you are lucky then you might get baby girl dresses and baby boy clothes at a better price or maybe at half the price. Keep looking at the sites notifications for better deals and discounts.  

Return Policy

Even after the careful purchase, you are not satisfied with the product then don't get disappointed. Read the refund and exchange policy of the portal before ordering the kids dresses. Know the timeframe within which the product has to be returned, whether you can exchange the product or not, is it chargeable or free and how you can get a refund for the payment. Nowadays the return and refund policies of online shopping sites are customer friendly and streamlined. Most of these sites return your payment within a week. So, don’t be afraid and enjoy shopping!


Ensure a seamless shopping experience with these handy tips on buying online for your loved one. Feel free to return your order if you don’t like the product or if the size doesn't fit your child. That’s the benefit of buying online. So go ahead with e-shopping and comment if this blog has helped you in making your buying decision more effective.

Until then, Happy Parenting!

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