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  • Team Kidmish Nov 21, 2018

Life’s little stories bloom and unfold with the arrival of the newborn. Seeing your baby snuggle in your arms and cherishing the joys of motherhood is truly a rewarding experience but it also comes with a hoard of responsibilities. Taking utmost care of their delicate body and shielding them against the exposed environmental harshness and pollutions are your primary concerns.

You want to give the best to your baby and always try to choose stuff for him that is closest to your tender and nurturing care. The definite choice hence is herbal baby care products. These gentle, pure and natural products are not only soothing to his skin but also protect him from exposure to harsh chemicals at this tender age.

Why Herbal Baby Care Products: know the basics

Your baby’s skin is as delicate as a flower being almost 5 times thinner than adults, very sensitive and dry. During the initial stage, the need for the mother’s embrace and skin-to-skin touch is important for their neonatal health and development. Their immune system is weak at this stage while receptors are hypersensitive. Organic baby products, devoid of all chemicals, ensure freshness and purity that offer the same gentle effect as the mother’s nurturing care.

According to research, baby’s skin absorbs 60% of what is applied as they are more porous and fragile, hence the need to prudently select products. The markets and online stores today are swamped with herbal baby care products. So, what led to this explosion?

Well, one thing for sure is they are 100% natural as opposed to the chemical and processed products. Most baby lotions, oils, shampoos and other baby care items contain a high percentage of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, toxic chemicals, non-natural colours, fillers, parabens, alcohol etc. that can cause skin irritation, allergies, rashes and with time may lead to skin damage. Moreover, your precious one just loves to put his hands and feet in his mouth, so beware what is ingested by him.

I guess, by now, you are quite familiar with the benefits of organic baby products that are only made of natural ingredients, provide the right pH balance, consist of botanical extracts and are a natural nourishment for your baby. So why wait? Why not opt for eco-friendly and ‘go green’ parenting style!

Over the last decade, there has been an upsurge in the usability of herbal baby care products with every departmental and online store reserving special sections to sell them. Innumerable organic brands and countless products are now easily accessible that makes it tad confounding to choose the best one. Don’t worry, we will make the process simpler for you. Let's have a look at the best baby care products available and the salient points to look for when you buy them for your tiny tot.

Baby Oil

There is an impressive range of baby oil brands available online but before purchasing remember:

  • Baby oils mostly contain mineral oils- a byproduct of petroleum refinement
  • It’s a cheap, non-renewable resource that clogs pores preventing skin breathing and restricts the release of toxins, so avoid it
  • Massage oils differ according to weather conditions and skin types

The best is to opt for organic baby oil made of coconut, olive, jojoba, lavender or other essential oils, free from artificial fragrances and liquid paraffin. Its nutritive qualities and host of natural ingredients are excellent for the growing baby’s muscles, skin and hair. They keep the skin hydrated, moisturized and healthy. Massage your baby and nurture with organic baby oils to retain the softness and gentle feel of his skin that also protects from cold treats eczema and boosts immunity. For summers coconut oil and sesame oil are the best but for winters you can choose mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil and others.

Baby Lotion

Your baby loses moisture quickly and tends to get dry, itchy and flaky, hence the need for lotions. Depending on skin conditions you may choose varied forms of ointments, creams and lotions.

  • Ointments are greasy, made of 20% water and 80 % oil. They are best for dry, allergy-prone skin as they offer maximum hydration.
  • Creams are light and a good source of moisturization. They are made of 50 % oil and 50 % water.
  • Lotions are non-greasy, very light and high in water content. They are best for after bath and before sleep application.

When purchasing creams and baby lotions look for products that are fragrance-free, do not have additives or artificial colours and have a quick absorbent formula. Organic lotions are made of safe and natural extracts that moisturize the skin, preventing broken skin, acne or eczema. Apply more lotions and creams during winters to keep the skin soft and supple all day long.

Baby Powder

It’s an essential baby skincare product that keeps your baby soft, smooth and rash-free. Babies tend to develop rashes, redness and itchy skin due to excessive use of diapers. During summers the humid climate and excessive sweating can irritate their sensitive skin. The use of baby powders keeps them fresh and dry.

  • Buy a powder with good absorption agents that will absorb excess oil
  • Must have antiperspirant, anti-bacterial properties with essential oils and vitamins to keep the body nourished
  • Should be100% natural, talc-free powder with a mild fragrance

Baby Shampoo

Your baby’s scalp is also very soft so, the shampoo you use must be mild, gentle and infused with moisturizing organic agents. Remember:

  • No mineral oil, artificial colours or parabens
  • Must be baby skin friendly, should not irritate the eyes and must be sulphate and soap free
  • Should not have any strong cleaning agent or preservatives
  • Look for no tear formulation shampoo that has a hydrating formula

Herbal baby shampoos nourish and improve the hair lustre, keeping it soft, tangle free and are considered the best by 

Mild, lather free soaps are also essential baby care products that must be purchased cautiously. Besides cleansing, baby soaps must replenish the lost moisture, provide nourishment and keep it hydrated and supple.

  • Do not opt for antibacterial soaps; they are harsh on the skin
  • Must be non-toxic, gentle and should be free of chemicals like glycol, alcohol, propylene etc. or any foaming agent
  • Look for ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil, milk, almond, buttermilk, honey, cocoa butter etc.

There are soaps infused with lotions, vitamins, calcium and amino acids that protect the delicate skin. Get a soap that removes the external impurities, dryness and skin roughness for a smooth texture.

The list is not limited to only the above-mentioned baby care products, in fact, it’s never-ending. Welcome your little one with the best of products like---cleansers, petroleum jelly and ointments to treat diaper rashes, special baby laundry detergent, baby wash, an oil gel, cologne, bedtime baby skin care products and many more. Don’t get perplexed! As a mother of two precious gems, I would definitely suggest you to keep exploring and upgrading your list for the best products with the right combination of ingredients that will pamper your baby with the feel of mother’s touch. To be sure you may even consult with your dermatologist.

Post your valuable comments and write to us about your queries or any product related questions and we will definitely help you with the best of suggestions from experts.

Enjoy and happy parenting! 

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