Best Mosquito Nets for Babies this Monsoon

  • Team Kidmish Nov 29, 2018

Monsoons bring in the much-needed respite from the heat. The thick black nimbus clouds, cool breeze, outpouring rain and the pitter-patter of the raindrops are a sheer joy that tweet our relief from the heat pangs of summer. Monsoons are a real joy for all but it can be a major health concern arising from waterlogging. These breed mosquitoes that carry a spate of diseases and viruses that are a potent threat to the health and well-being of all. However, most vulnerable among them are the babies and hence the necessary need for a mosquito net.

Your baby’s immune system is still at a nascent stage which makes him prone to contamination and illness. Protecting them, guarding them against mosquitoes, keeping the surroundings clean and maintaining hygiene should be every parent’s key focus. The actual initiative is yours but we will definitely guide you through and provide the best suggestions possible for the safety and care of your little one.

The primary need is to opt for the best baby mosquito nets as the monsoon approaches. Online stores are flooded with a huge collection of different types of attractive mosquito nets to suit every need and help your tiny tot sleep tight.

Baby Mosquito Net Tent

These mosquito nets are a perfect protection for your baby from mosquitoes and insect bites and give maximum comfort for a sound sleep. These tent type nets, made of polyester, have convenient zipper gates on sides that allow an easy entry and exit and are hassle-free to use. They are easy to assemble, come with strong flexible frames making them durable and are self-supporting. Moreover, these baby mosquito net tents pop up instantly and automatically, can be easily folded and are space saviours. Being light in weight, you can carry them while travelling and conveniently store them in carrying bags. For peaceful sleep, the nets provide maximum ventilation yet prevent mosquito invasion to guard your child. The nets come in different designs and sizes to suit your needs and are available for different bed shapes and dimensions.

Bassinet Style Mosquito Net Bed

These mosquito nets, made of high-density foam, are ideal for newborns to maximum 6 months babies. A quick online research will provide a plethora of choices with varying sizes, designs and colours along with appealing cartoon characters. The bassinet style mosquito net beds come with a fine cotton fabric made a mattress, a head pillow and an attached mosquito zippered net that is full or half openable. The net frame is supported with a robust plastic wire frame and is furnished with a clear view, breathable mesh for free air flow and unobstructed view of your baby. The net bed provides comfort and relief from mosquitoes, insects and bugs and even comes with a foldable option which makes it easier to carry while travelling. These compact baby mosquito net beds are the perfect solution for a comfortable and cosy sleep.

Mosquito Net For Baby Cot

These mosquito nets are specially designed for your cradle baby who loves to sleep and play in the cot. Made of fine mesh, these allow total visibility of the baby and guards your baby while he sleeps peacefully in his personal resting cot. Ensuring maximum breathability, these specially designed mosquito nets for baby cots are easily foldable and compact in design and are furnished with an easy fit elastic material that keeps the netting in place. The products are available in varied dimensions and can be used for pushchairs, carrycots, prams and baby cot beds as protection against mosquitoes and insects. So, if you already own a cot, just simply order for a net and let your baby enjoy his time in his loved cradle.

Baby Cradle and Playpen with Mosquito Net

The cradles are specially designed with mosquito nets that are convenient to use, fold-unfold, carry outside home or even use at home. It’s an all-in-one cradle that is uniquely designed for the comfort, safety and pleasure of your little one. Made of steel frames, these baby cradles are highly durable, can be used as bed or rocker and have a see-through mesh canopy that prevents insect and mosquito bites. Moreover, the cradles have sufficient play area, storage space and comfy mattress for the baby to take a nap. The airy mesh on the sides and above provide ventilation and clear visibility. Furnished with wheels, they are easy to move and can be easily folded and carried. Let your baby now sleep, enjoy his personal time or just take a nap in his well-protected cradle or playpen.

Carry Cot and Play Gym with Mosquito Net

The multipurpose carry cots are designed with mosquito net and a sunshade that can be adapted as per usability. Use it as a feeding chair, rocker, bathing chair, carry cot or a hammock, your tot is always safeguarded against insects and mosquitoes. These cots are soft, spacious, adjustable, have storage capacity and are covered that ensures utmost comfort and peaceful sleep.

Mosquito netted play gym beddings are also a great option for your playful kiddos. While the bed is loaded with colourful hanging toys that encourage the tiny ones to lay and play, the mosquito net shields them well, ensuring complete safety. Now, your baby can enjoy his time playing or sleep peacefully with his toys in his soft-cosy bed.

Tips for the New Mothers

As the monsoons are nearing, there must be endless preventive measures you have already listed for your newborn. Health and safety of your child are surely a major concern, so besides ordering online the best baby mosquito net remember to follow a few important tips that mothers swear by to keep their children guarded against diseases.

Maintain absolute hygiene about food, water, clothing, bathing and surroundings to keep all diseases and infections at bay. Cleaning, preparing baby food with boiled water, sterilizing his cutleries, bottles and washing off hands before and after eating is desirable.

Keeping your baby well dressed and dry is important as humid weather is conducive for bacterial growth. Regular diaper and dress changing, keeping them fully covered, ensuring clothes are comfy and cotton made are your essential checklists.

Indoor and outdoor sanitation check is vital. Say no to stagnant water, open drains, open garbage and unclean areas to fend off mosquitoes and pests.

You may use door and window mesh, mosquito repellents, sprays and keep all outlets closed during evenings

A well-protected home negates all health problems and a comfortable sleep for your tot is imperative for his physical and mental growth. The beautifully designed mosquito nets are aesthetically crafted to ensure happy sleep time and designed with a care that guarantees uninterrupted play and nap for your baby. Extricate all pests and insects to shield your infant and enjoy his happy smiles and chuckles as he plays around.

Until then, Happy Parenting!

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