Dressing Up Your Boy for Winters: A Trendy Guide

  • Team Kidmish Jan 30, 2019

Winter is in its full swing, as a proactive parent you want to keep ahead of your boy’s winter wear needs. Be it indoor warmth or outdoor insulation, keeping your child warm and protected is one of the cornerstones of winter safety for your child (And the added bonus, of course, is how cute they look while being warm!).

With a boy in the house, you know how difficult it is to keep him playing indoors - he will most definitely want to play outside despite the winter chills. Being indoors, you can monitor him but taking care outside is another gamble altogether! Hence, it is imperative to keep stock of right winter wear for your little one and make sure that his winters are warm and cosy.

So to help you select the right winter clothes for him, Kidmish has for you the definitive winter essentials checklist:

  • Snowsuit: Much more versatile than a one piece, a snowsuit comes very handy for winter evenings and nights. With a set of jacket and bib pants, the heavy padding keeps your child warm and protected. A few things to keep in mind, however before buying a snowsuit include making sure that there is enough room in the suit for your child to wear a sweater underneath and still be able to move around and play comfortably. Apart from that having boys coats with velcro fasteners or elastic straps at the cuffs and ankles, will make sure that the suit fits well with maximum insulation. Most snowsuits come with zip closure and a hood so in terms of functionality a snowsuit becomes quite a winter essential for your playful little one.

  • Sweatshirts/ Sweaters: Winter wear staples - sweatshirts and sweaters are what every boy’s winter wardrobe must have. Perfect of layering and insulation for days which are not too cold or chilly you can make your little one wear one and play about. For days when temperatures really drop, layer them up with a winter coat on top and you have a perfect recipe of warmth for your little one. (Bright colours and round necks always a delight to see your naughty little one in!)

  • Caps: Who can ever deny the cuteness of children in caps in winter! Those naughty eyes and smile as he runs around the house wearing the fuzziest of caps (oh such a joyous sight to behold!). Cuteness aside, caps are such an important winter accessory, plus with all the options of kids clothes online these days, you will find the softest, fuzziest and warmest of caps for your little one. 

  • Warm T-shirts/ Thermals: Warm T-shirts/thermals are one of the most essential kids wear boys can have in their winter wardrobe. Even if they get uncomfortable and sweaty with all the layers while playing and take off their coats or sweatshirts, having a warm t-shirt or thermals is one of the best protection that they can have, to be warm and comfortable. For fussy dressers who like minimal layering, trust us when we say warm t-shirts/thermals are a godsend. 

  • Mittens/Gloves: If you live in really cold climate, then you know that gloves/mittens are your child’s winter wear best-friend (especially if he’s the outdoorsy kind!) For moderate cold, mittens of course and more utility based, and when it comes full protection have no fear, winter gloves are here! Keep those little soft hands protected and warm, and make sure that if your naughty one is stepping outside, every bit of him is nicely protected. Just ensure that the cuff is snug enough and doesn’t keep slipping off. 

  • Winter Coat/Jacket: No winter wardrobe, boys dress list can be complete without the mention of a winter coat/jacket. In fact, can you even call a winter wardrobe complete without winter appropriate coats/jackets in it? With so many options of colours and texture available in kids clothes online these days, you will really be spoilt for choice. Layering is much needed in winters and having a thick outermost layer makes sure that your child is well-protected against the winter chills. 

  • Winter Socks: When you think about winter protection, one of the most important elements of boys’ winter wear is warm winter socks. Your little one’s feet need to be kept warm to make sure that body is newly warm and protected, so warm socks are a must! They can be thick, fuzzy and oh-so-soft, (The kind that make your little one feel like he’s wearing clouds on his feet!) in fact there are so many varieties available online, right from the colour and print to the material that you’re bound to find a bunch that your baby boy will really look forward to wearing.  

With the multitudes of options that you get for kids clothes online these days, you will really be so confused as to what not to buy? Who says that winter clothes just need to be functional and thus boring! There are so many ways to make them fun and create outfits that are utility-based along with being so much fun! Boys love dressing up and looking dapper as much as young girls so why not give them a winter wear wardrobe that they will look forward to experimenting and creating looks with. So just browse through e-commerce websites and order for your little one whatever his heart desires. It’ll all be worth it when you’ll see his eyes light up with joy when looking at himself in the mirror. (And of course be as cosy as he can be!)

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