Dressing Your Baby for Winters: 8 Smart Choices in 2019

  • Team Kidmish Jan 27, 2019

Oh! isn’t it a delight when your little one asks for all the warm cuddles in the world and bundled up in his fluffy woollen baby clothes, all he wants is your sweet love (It’s literally one of the best things about winter with babies!). Well, it is the coldest time of the year and apart from all the cuteness, let us tell you, your babies do need some serious protection from a wintry spell as well! With a body as delicate as his, winter wears are so essential for him and as a parent, you need to make sure that your baby is perennially well-protected (but of course, you know all the already!)

Your baby is so susceptible to the wintery chills as babies generate much lesser heat than adults, so they get cold very quickly. The last thing you want to see in winters is a red runny nose on your baby and sniffles. So, to help you decide and sort through what all baby clothes you need for your little one’s winter dressing, Kidmish is here to help you and guide you through all your winter dress for babies needs.

Before we begin, keep a couple of things in mind for winter clothes shopping for your baby; things like the climate of the place you live in and also your lifestyle. Does your baby have to spend quite a chunk of time with you outside (be it stroller walks or running errands) and how cold it gets where you live, will play a decisive role in buying the most appropriate winter baby dress for your little one.

We’re listing for you below, few of our favourite essentials that are a must in your baby’s closet, to help your little angel brave any winter chills.

  • Fleece Romper: Perfect for layering, rompers are oh-so-cute on your baby and so functional. You can slip it on your baby’s clothes or even make him wear it as a onesie, depending on how cold it gets where you live and how many layers of clothes does it need to keep your baby warm.  You can take a look at a baby suit, which comes with a fold over hands and foot cuffs which can even work as mittens and booties just in case your little one is the fussy kind who hates wearing them 

  • Hoodies: If you thought hoodies was an older baby boy dress, then take a look at this adorable set. Hoodies for babies are super warm and soft and can we say super cute as well. Baby clothes like hoodies are versatile in terms of protection and comfort as well. So, don’t be surprised if your little one will fall in love with hoodies and want to wear the hood on all the time.

  • Fleece Sweaters: Winter baby clothes these days are so plush and soft (it’s like wearing a teddy bear!).It’s fluffy, it’s soft and made of fleece (which means enough warmth and protection for your little one. If you live in really cold climate conditions, then fleece sweaters are definitely a godsend!

  • Booties: Well everybody knows how important it is to keep those tiny and oh so cute feet warm, so ta-da booties to the rescue. Super soft knits make sure that your baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable and the stretch also fits your baby perfectly. If you want a sturdier option, then the folder booties do the trick as well. Folder booties are great winter baby clothes option when you have a hyper-active fidgety toddler, who has somehow mastered the art of losing his booties (of course the little naughty one is taking them off during playtime)

  • Mittens: The quintessential winter pair of mittens and booties are a perennial newborn baby dress staple. The added visual delight is just how cute your angel looks in it. Keeping your little one’s hands warm and cosy in winters, you can also make a fashion statement, So be it fully fleece ones or the ones that come with a cotton lining, you can try whichever your baby likes more and keep his tiny little hands protected.

  • Caps: Babies in beanies (it’s the cutest sight trust us) not only are winter caps adept at keeping your baby’s heads warm they are most definitely a winter baby dress essential. For indoors and especially outdoors, a winter cap will always be needed and can be a style statement too. There are so many varieties to choose from and the string ones become a favourite plaything/distraction for your little one.

  • Outdoor Jacket: If you have to take your little one outdoors in the chilly weather then a thick warm outdoor jacket is an absolute must.You can take a warm pink number which is a perfect baby girl dress! The other variants can be used for a naughty little baby boy as well. Slip them over whatever your little one is wearing and you’re good to go.

  • Baby Gown: Last but not least, an essential in your baby winter dressing arsenal, this versatile piece of clothing is a must. Be it after a shower when you’re drying off your baby or handy if your baby is feeling too warm in his winter sweaters and jackets during the day. They are generally lightweight yet warm, making it the perfect slipover for not-so-cold winter days (when you want to give adequate protection without the bulk!)

There you have it, your essential baby clothes for winter that you need to keep in your baby’s wardrobe. The best thing is that with the e-commerce market boom you have so many varieties available at the tap of your fingertips. Baby winter clothes are a delight to shop for (you won’t believe the kind of cute options there are in the market today) and your heart is guaranteed to melt with happiness when you see your little one in them. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in a world of warmth and cuteness and get your little one the protection he needs in the winter (winter baby clothes for the win!)

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