How to Choose the Right Toddler Cutlery

  • Team Kidmish Oct 26, 2018

It’s a beautiful experience to see your child transition into the phase of self-feeding and reach a milestone. Even during the initial 6 months of age, they begin to assert their independence by using fingers to eat which is quite instinctive. Within 9 months to one year, their self-feeding skills develop rapidly and this is the perfect time to introduce the right toddler cutlery for the best experience.

The initial stages will be messy and difficult as your naughty kiddo just loves to play with the food, dropping, spilling or just spluttering them off with gusto. Also, the shift from hand eating and finger licking to using cutleries can be really challenging hence, the need for the correct baby feeding set that makes this newly evolving stage exciting for both of you.

Identify and Pick the Best

There is a lot for your tot---the choices are just never-ending, all stacked up tight at online marketplaces and online baby shops. Confused? These infinite options can be daunting but a checklist off the top of your head will help in quick shopping:

  • Toddler cutleries must be soft with no sharp edges, yet sturdy as not to break. Also, they must be definitely BPA free. Product safety and quality are of utmost importance.
  • Functionality and utility of the product is your second lookout. Baby bowls, spoons, plates etc. must suit their age, stage of development, food type i.e. solid, semi-solid, liquid and food intake quantity. Plates with compartments for different foods, spoons with silicone tips, handy, easy to hold, lightweight, unbreakable and spill-proof products are always preferable.
  • Product appearances are equally important, in this case, remember your child’s preferences and food habits. Cartoon or animal characters, smileys, vibrant colours, different shapes and sizes, attractive designs, enriched features can make mealtime fun.
  • Durability, price range, customer reviews and comparison with other products if purchasing online and dishwasher safe are other aspects to examine.

Trust me, online purchasing has made my experience way easier. Their array of products, reviews, clear product specifications, endless choices are a sure bet for effortless shopping. Let’s quickly check out the essentials for purchasing the right baby feeding set for your moppets.  

Baby Feeding Set 1

Baby Feeding Set 2

Baby Feeding Set 3

Baby Spoons

The market is full of them, each with a promising USP but there are few factors to consider. Your baby loves to chomp the spoon so mothers must use soft spoons with silicon tips for the tender gums and delicate teeth. Landing the food inside the mouth is a big deal; a narrow, flat shaped spoon enables the right amount of morsel, easy feeding, perfect fit in the mouth and scraping the extras off the face. The spoon must be soft gripped and light in weight to hold. Heat sensitive baby spoons are also available with a unique sense of temperature.

The spoon size and depth, however, will differ according to the toddler’s age. Spoons with greater depth that ensures no spillage can be used once the child starts learning self-feeding. Colourful spoons, unique in design and with cool characters will draw their attention. Weaning spoon, first stage silicon spoon, angled spoon, squeeze food feeder spoon, soft bite tip spoons, colour changing spoons---the list is limitless. As babies evolve from 6 months to 18 months and beyond, their eating portion and choices change rapidly; get the best for them.

Baby Heat Resistant Spoon 1

Baby Squeeze-Style Spoon

Baby Weaning Spoon

Baby Spoon

Baby Plates and Bowls

There are multiple options in plates and bowls too. Size, compartments, food type, airtight, leak-proof, microwave safe, durability, design and colour are the basic factors to consider while purchasing them. Of course, they must be BPA and PVC free and must have lids to cover any leftover foods. Plates must have compartments for solid, semi-solid food, fruits and vegetables to be distributed evenly and can also be segregated for breakfast, lunch and dinner to suit the different types and portions of food. Spill-proof, non-slip suction bottom, bowls with handles, revolving plates and bowls and warming plates with special water heating are all readily available. While you make sure to buy a baby plate or a baby bowl designed for easy scooping with higher edges that avoids food spillage, a vibrant colour and appealing mickey mouse shape is sure to arouse interest in your child.

Baby Plate 1

Baby Plate 2

Baby Plate 3

Baby Bowl 1

Baby Cups

For your weaning baby, the shift from breastfeeding to cups is challenging. Bright, colourful, no spill sippy cups are a sure rescuer at this stage. Choose sippers integrated with-soft and bite resistant silicone spout that allows liquid to pass through easily, anti-leak valves, lids, handles, and a sturdy base. These are convenient while travelling. Ensure they are soft and have a supple sipper for your baby and are easy to assemble and clean. A multifunctional training cup with nipple feeder, water sipper, juice sipper, and spout sipper can be really rewarding during the transit phase from feeding bottle to cups.  

Baby Cup

Baby Multifunctional Cup

Note, sippers can be introduced during the 6th month of the child and can be continued until 3-4 years of age. Soft bibs, high chair, sterilizer, soft edge silicon forks, single serving snack container are desirable products for a smooth learning of the art of eating and the essential table manners.

Baby Sipper 1

Baby Sipper 2


It’s just a trial and error phase until you maximize success with every toddler cutlery shopping experience. Constant training, encouragement, and introduction to the right cutlery will aptly develop their sensory processing skills, resulting in a positive learning curve. Weave the little stories and enjoy the joys of parenthood as your little one unfolds the momentous chapter of self-feeding with the best baby feeding cutlery.

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Until then, Happy Parenting!

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