How to Keep your Kids busy when you are working at home

  • Team Kidmsh Jun 21, 2018

Keeping the little ones busy is a full-time job in itself, for parents working part-time at home, it becomes even more challenging. If you’re one such parent, who has run out of ideas and kids games, relax, help is at hand.

Anyone who thinks that two-year-old little munchkins are naturally busy people is grossly mistaken. Keeping them busy is not a hard task! Really? Well, sorry to burst your little bubble of happiness! It’s true that toddlers are busy, but they’re busy in pulling out stuff from the cabinets, spreading sauce and jam on fine linen and painting walls with your expensive lipsticks. In other words, they’re busy with keeping the parents busy. So, it’s the first and foremost duty of a work-at-home parent to keep kids busy in ‘constructive’ fun, all the while they’re working.

Clueless how you can find some activities for kids that can keep them busy so you can actually carry out your regular business?

Discover the secret of keeping toddlers busy, in the next few paragraphs.

Here’s how you perform the magic!

Understand their Eating Patterns and Keep Healthy Snacks at Bay

“I’m hungry” is one of the commonest interruptions experienced by most parents. A hungry kid turns cranky and you might have to spend hours to soothe them if you don’t have ready to offer goodies at your disposal.

Avoid this situation by stocking your pantry and refrigerator with baked goodies, healthy snacks and fruits. Whenever tots ask you for food, just grab a fruit or snack and hand it to them without wasting your time.

Also, this is the time to inculcate healthy eating habits in your kids. You can prepare some healthy baby food recipes and give to your kids from time to time.

Wear Them Out Before you Sit Down for Work

Having an intense outdoor playtime with kiddies is the best strategy to avoid odd ‘play requests’ and relentless cribbing during your work. Play ‘tag’, ‘dodgeball’ and other games that involve a lot of jumping and running. A tired kid is a sleepy kid! You get the idea, don’t you?

If they get exhausted after playing outdoor games for kids, just draw them a calming bath, give them something to eat and put them to sleep. This combination of activities will ensure you a long stretch of free time that you can utilise in sorting your daily chores or working on your project. You can thus work in a peaceful environment while your tiny tot travels in dreamland :D.

Send Them Out for an Adventure with Other Family Members

Kids love to explore their surroundings, especially when accompanied by a familiar face that addresses all their queries. If your husband is out for work, you can send your munchkins to parks and nearby libraries with their grandparents or siblings. Even they’re going to enjoy the company!

Alternatively, you can form a support group with friends where parents with kids of the same age-group take turns to take the kids for a small trip out of the home. Kids can be engaged in outdoor games for kids while you work peacefully.

Set Up a Creative Corner in a Spacious Room

If your kid shows a creative streak, make sure you buy lots of tools and toys to indulge them in their favourite activity. Fill your house with canvas, crayons, paints, building block, toy drums, tricycle, sandbox and other stuff that tots can use to brush up their talents.

Indulging in creative activity helps the kids learn new skills and also keeps them super busy and excited. Reward them with hugs and kisses for their creative pursuits. These activities for kids will keep them busy and also help in their overall growth. And yes, it will certainly give you lots of free time to work.

Create a Safe Den for Play Dates

If you’re blessed with lots of kids in the neighbourhood that are of the same age as your munchkin, you can invite them to play in your house. Just make sure that you keep all the sharp, delicate, inflammable and toxic substances out of their reach. Set up an enclosed play den stuffed with toys and books to keep them entertained.

Reward them for playing silently. This way, you’ll be teaching them an important lesson in sharing as well as accomplish your tasks while they are occupied with kids games.


There are plenty of other ways to keep toddlers busy. It’s just that you need to recognize their areas of interest and plan a schedule accordingly, which suits your work time.

If you have any tricks up your sleeves to keep the kids busy while you are working, do share them in the comments sections below.

Until then, Happy Parenting!

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