Stylish, Trendy and Warm: What your Princess Needs in Winters

  • Team Kidmish Jan 28, 2019

Ah, Girls! There’s something magical about these pixie-like young ones, and it’s every mother’s absolute delight to doll up their little princesses. Now that winter is here we know you must be looking forward to updating your baby girl’s winter wear wardrobe with warmer clothes, so why not have fun while doing it!

Kid’s fashion has seen so many cutting edge changes in recent years. With social media influencers bringing new trends every season, your little girl has so many winter clothes options to choose from!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at winter clothes option for young girls and make the most of the dressing up game for as long as the winters last:

Funky Sweaters: Everyone’s favourite, it’s pretty cosy and it’s so much fun! Knitwear is such a hit this season, that you mustn’t deny your little one the opportunity to indulge in the oh-so-soft and warm comfort! Affordable and luxe, funky knitwear is just what your pint-sized fashionista needs! Make her try one on with winter leggings and it’s a winter-wear that screams stylish!

Warm Leggings: What better to protect your little one from the cold, while adding that extra oomph to her outfit! A warm legging is as much your winter staple as it is your baby girl’s (Plus all the colours and patterns that the market is full of today, what’s not to love!) She can wear it under a dress or just with a cardigan, the options are aplenty and you too can have some peace of mind knowing that she is well shielded against the cold!

Warm Coats: No kid’s winter wear wardrobe is complete without a warm coat. In fact, the amount they love to go out and play, there is no way that you can let them leave the house without it! Of course, you have to layer it with a cardigan or sweatshirt inside so that in case your child starts feeling too hot during playtime she can remove it, but make sure she never leaves the house in winters without it on!

Dresses: Oh dresses! What a delight you are for every girl to wear! And when it comes to your darling baby girl in winters, winter dresses are a must-have! Your little one loves them already and with the adorable wooden options in the market now, you need to dress your baby girl in one and see the look of joy on her face as she twirls around giddy with happiness and delight!

Hoodies: Comfortable, stylish, cute hoodies are your baby’s best friends in winters. They’re warm, with a coolness quotient, plus the cute and funky prints make your kids want to wear it again and again. So be it a delicate princess or a sassy rebel, who knows just exactly what she wants, kids clothes online have so many options today that you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Nightwear Sets: Just as important it is to keep it fun, warm and exciting in your kid's outer clothes in winters, it is equally important to have fun nightwear as well. After all which little one doesn’t love a furry warm set of nightwear to sleep in. Today’s winter clothes have so many options even in nightwear that the cuteness quotient transitions seamlessly from day to night. At night, as you tuck your little one into her bed, she’ll be as snug as a bunny and will look so cute as well!

Sweatshirts: Sporty yet casual, sweatshirts are just the right kind of layer for your child when heading out on a little warmer winters day. Let’s face it you can never stop a child from wanting to go out and play, so the best you can do is keep them prepared for the winter chill (no one wants to see their child come back with a sniffle or a sneeze!) Plus, there are so many options out there, that your little girl will be fully warm and keep it oh so stylish at the same time!

Winters are a time for layering and having fun while doing it. So why not pamper your little girl with all the fun options out there, that are sure to keep her warm and make her stand out from the crowd as well. With a stylish winter wear wardrobe, she too will love to wear all the layers to keep herself warm (and let’s face it, children in warm winter coats are such a delightful sight to behold!) You could make it even more fun by twinning with her, matching outfits or styles is such a fun activity (and no little girl will ever say no to mommy and her dress-up time!). The bottom line is to save her from the winter chill the added bonus of fashionista glamour is always welcomed, isn’t it!

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So until next time, Happy Winter Shopping!

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