Teaching Kids About Good VS Bad Touch

  • Team Kidmish Jan 18, 2019

A story a day keeps ignorance at bay. Every kid loves bedtime stories and it is the best way to create a bond of friendship with your little one. The cherry on the top is that with these stories, you could teach your munchkin a lot of things which are very important for them to know.

The crucial one being, WHAT IS A PHYSICAL TOUCH and the difference between good touch bad touch.

Making your child aware from an early age can safeguard him against any mishappening and would also keep him alert. If they can differentiate between different touches they can be vocal about it instead of keeping mum due to fear, which happens in a lot many cases.

Since this is a sensitive topic, you have to handle it with great care and impart the best knowledge to your little ones. And what better way than stories to do so!

Stories offer the best platform for the act of knowledge sharing without much ado. It sets the stage for speaking about the most difficult topic of teaching the kids, the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Take tiny steps to introduce them to the different ladders of knowledge about a TOUCH with a different fascinating story each day. This will create curiosity among them and help you to teach them better.

It’s imperative to start first with teaching the kids about their body anatomy. They must be well taught and talked about each and every body part of their body. This lesson should start with telling them about their private parts. Basically, there are four parts or zones of everyone’s body which are called NO TOUCH ZONES. They are- Mouth, chest buttons, the part between the legs and the bums.

To prevent child safety mistakes, children should be explained that they must not allow anyone to touch these parts because these are their private property. It is only the right of their parents to touch them while bathing or taking care of them. Also, a doctor could check their private parts while examining them but only in the presence of their parents.

Let’s differentiate between GOOD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH?

After anatomy, comes the time to explain to a kid that how should they understand and differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch. To satisfy their curiosity, let us divide this into two different factors-

  1. You can explain to the child that while somebody touches them if they feel comfortable and good about the touch, this is called a good touch. Generally, this feeling of comfort and love arises when you are hugged or loved by your parents and other elder members of the family. A gentle handshake, a warm hug, a kiss on the cheeks, a gentle pat on the shoulder, an embrace etc. defines good touch. Do not forget to teach your kids that a good touch always happens in the vicinity of their acquaintances.
  2. Now let’s talk to them about what is a Bad touch and what are the child safety tips they should be aware of? You should make them understand that whenever somebody touches them at or near their private parts or in an uncomfortable manner; this is generally a bad touch. They might feel shy, scared and have a bad feeling about that. This kind of touch is generally initiated by the strangers or there might even be a bad guy in the acquaintances that can make them scared with a bad touch.

The rescue actions for a BAD Touch

The last and utmost crucial talk with a child on this topic is to teach them the rescue plan that he/she needs to take when someone tries to molest or sexually abuse them. The following action plans and child safety tips must be taught to them by heart-

  • No talking with strangers.
  • If someone lures them, they should not fall into the trap no matter what.
  • If someone tries to touch them or scare them, they must start screaming.
  • Tell them they must run away to a safe place as soon as possible under uncomfortable circumstances created by a stranger.
  • You must make them cram the contact numbers of all the members of your family.
  • Every child must be taught his/her home’s address by their parents.
  • The child must be taught to talk about any kind of abuse they are subjected to by anyone. They should be made confident that their parents are there to listen to them under all circumstances. 


A groomed kid is a happy and healthy child

Raising kid with open talks about crucial subjects like PHYSICAL TOUCH lets them grow mentally and physically in a healthy and happy environment and prevents child safety mistakes. It prepares them in advance to deal with any unfriendly situation in a positive and timely manner if they know about it beforehand.

So speak to let them GROW.

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Happy Reading until next! 

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