The best 10 kids books every 9 to 11-year-old should read

  • Team Kidmish Jun 19, 2018

Books give a soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind,

Flight to the imagination,

And life to everything!

                             By: Plato 

Reading is one of the untainted pleasures of life that no one should be deprived of. When your child enters the pre-adolescent phase of his life, as parents, you will watch him become more self-reliant. His budding identity will also be reflected in his reading choices as well. As your little reader is making sense of the world around him, kid’s books with characters that offer a new perspective of the world can spark his imagination even further. If your child is between the age group of 9 to 11 years, his reading capacity is developed enough to put himself in the character’s shoes and see the world through his eyes. Truly with children, their imagination knows no bounds! It is an exciting time in his life and is perfect to introduce different perspectives and new ideas through age-appropriate books.

Whether your child likes fantasy, magic, adventures or something in between, we have created a list of kid’s storybooks that will appeal to every child’s fancy.

1. Harry Potter series: J. K. Rowling

K. Rowling’s legendary storybooks in English are a rite of passage for every young and ingenious reader. The 7-book series chronicles Harry’s journey from a young boy into adulthood while experiencing unfathomable circumstances. In this retelling of the classic good vs. evil story, the orphaned Harry Potter must face the personification of evil in the form of He Who Must Not Be Named. The story focuses on the themes of friendship, loyalty, courage in the face of death, and ultimate redemption. Replete with well fleshed-out characters and one of the best female protagonists in the literary world (who can forget Hermione Granger!), the series has attained cult status. From the favourite pastime Quidditch to bewitching charms and love potions, this book series goes the whole nine yards in fulfilling every kid’s magical fantasies.

2. Enid Blyton series 

Enid Blyton has written kid’s storybooks that have sold more than 600 million copies making her the seventh best-selling author of all time. A notable figure in children’s literature, some of her renowned works include The Famous Five, the Noddy series, and the Secret Seven series.  Blyton has dabbled in several genres from fantasy, a mystery to educational subjects with ease. Be it Noddy, a wooden boy from Toyland, or friends from The Famous Five who go on plenty of adventures involving lost treasures and criminals, her books have enchanted kids and have introduced them to an entirely different world full of creativity and limitless possibilities.  

3. Amelia Jane Series

Amelia Jane is a doll…and a naughty one at that. Blyton has based the titular character on the real doll that she had gifted her eldest daughter Gillian. The first book in the Amelia Jane series introduces us to the homemade doll and the many tantrums she throws on her poor toy friends. She belongs to a nursery and gets into all sorts of mischief with her toy friends when the lights are out. Your child will revel in reading the many escapades of this little prankster. The playful exchange between the mischievous doll and her friends sometimes lands her in trouble but always makes for an exciting read. So much so that the kid’s books have managed to captivate readers with interesting plotlines and ever-changing scenarios for generations of book lovers.  

4. Geronimo Stilton series

The Italian children’s book series written by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy has delighted young readers all over the world. The eponymous Geronimo is an apprehensive mouse who works as a journalist at The Rodent’s Gazette. Written from his perspective, these kids books are full of mousy humour that will tickle your child’s funny bones no end. Since its publication in 2000, it has sold over 130 million copies and has been translated into 35 languages taking young readers on a fun-filled journey with the Stilton clan.

5. Hole books Series

Indian authors have contributed immensely to children’s literature lately. The Hole Books series, published by Duckbill Books, has a fantastic mix of Indian writers telling everyday stories with a zing. Some of the best books in their publication are mentioned below -

The Monster Hunters: Parinita Shetty

Ever hunted for monsters in your bedroom? Well, that is what best friends Abhay and Nitya set out to do for a school project in The Monster Hunters. Only the premise of their search is their friends’ bedrooms as monsters lurk under the bed (duh!). What they end up finding is more than what they bargained for.  

Big Bully and M-Me: Arti Sonthalia

In Arti Sonthalia’s kids' storybook, Krishna is up for a school speech, but he has to overcome his biggest hurdle - stammering. Adding insult to injury is his partner Ishaan who is known as the Big Bully! The author deftly handles a sensitive topic and offers a heart-warming story of the power of love and acceptance in a kid’s life.

The Vampire Boy: Sharanya Deepak

The Vampire Boy takes a crazy premise of a blood-sucking vampire attending a school full of humans. But Kris is not a regular vampire, mind you. He stands out for his love of nature, aversion to human blood and his cold-blooded temperament (pun intended). When he finally befriends his schoolmates, there is no stopping them from living life to the fullest.   

6. Grandma's Bag of Stories: Sudha Murthy

In one of the best moral stories for kids around, accomplished author Sudha Murthy has concocted a compelling narrative with an authentic flavour of India. The story revolves around the wisdom of the elders which is cleverly woven into the fabric of bedtime stories and passed down the generations. Two children visit their grandparents during the summer vacation in the small town of Shiggaon in Karnataka. As kids gather around their loving Ajji (grandmother) every night to hear captivating stories, they are mesmerized by her eclectic mix of stories. After all, no one can beat the art of storytelling like a grandmother! The grandma regales the children with stories of mighty kings and cheats, a princess who gets turned into an onion, and mice and monkeys. Inspired by the stories she heard from her grandmother as a kid, the world created by Murthy in this kid’s book is reminiscent of her childhood.

7. Pippi Longstocking: Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Longstocking has been a beloved character in children’s literature since its publication in 1945. Lovingly known as Pippi, she grew up with her seafaring dad aboard a sailing ship. However, when she loses her dad, she ends up living in a small Swedish village alone with her horse and monkey for companions. Given her background, she is somewhat of a social misfit. Nevertheless, she befriends her neighbour’s kids Tommy and Annika Settergren, who look at her with wide-eyed amazement. Not much different from the readers, we say, who will undoubtedly be hooked to her unusual ways from the word go. With her carrot coloured hair and rebellious ways, she is often looked down upon by parents, but her good intentions and pure heart help her win over everyone eventually.  

8. The Parrot who wouldn't talk and other stories: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is a storyteller unlike any other! While he draws inspiration from everyday life around him, it is the attention to small details that make his stories even more compelling. This kid’s book is a collection of short, amusing stories saturated with interesting anecdotes that will surely whet your child’s appetite for humour. From his crafty grandfather to the ever embarrassing relatives, Bond does not hold back from giving you a front-seat view into his childhood years. Everyone can relate to characters like Aunt Ruby, Uncle Ken, and Mr Oliver whose distinct personalities and idiosyncrasies add a new lease of life to these stories. With his signature writing style and unmistaken flavour, this book relishes the simple pleasures of life bringing on a sense of nostalgia.

9. James and the Giant Peach: Roald Dahl 

We doubt kid’s storybooks can get more creative than this! Published in 1961, James and the Giant Peach will take your little reader on a fantastical adventure through the eyes of the protagonist. After all, which kid can resist talking creatures and magical fruits? The story introduces you to James Henry Trotter who loses both his parents and is forced to live with his two aunts. Far from being loving, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker are vicious, and James ends up becoming the saddest and loneliest boy you could find. That is until a chance encounter takes him on a magical journey all the way to New York atop a giant peach! Full of suspense and comical poetry, Roald Dahl has created a rich world infused with the ultimate childhood fantasy.

10. The Haunting of Hiram: Eva Ibbotson

Alex MacBuff is a 12-year-old orphan who is forced to sell his beloved Castle Carra. The buyer is American millionaire Mr Hiram, and soon enough the castle is shipped to Texas (wait, what?). Unbeknownst to the new owner, the castle is full of ghosts! Spooky and full of intrigue, creatures like Krok the hairy Viking warrior, mad Miss Spinks, and a hellhound called Cyril can barely contain their true nature. Can Alex stop the ghosts from haunting Hiram? Also, Hiram’s daughter Helen comes in harm’s way when she becomes the target of an evil ransom plot.  Award-winning author Eva Ibbotson churns out a spooky tale that will delight your child with rib-tickling humour. If your child is one for mysterious adventures then this book, which is equal parts scary and funny, will serve his interests right.


When you inculcate the habit of reading kids story books in your child’s life, he can be assured of an excellent companion for life. Apart from making your child smarter and better at expressing his thoughts, reading can also set him on a path of satisfying his curiosity with knowledge. As they say, knowledge is power; reading holds the keys to a vast expanse of learning and eventual growth.  

Have you any thoughts about our collection of 10 kids books? Let us know how this collection has helped your child become a better reader.

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