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About us

Our Vision

Remember the time when you experienced true, unconditional love at first sight? That surge of emotions that filled your hearts while holding your bundle of joy in your arms together as parents!! Don't you feel it over and over again every time you look at your cherub? And yes, your hearts swell with the same love and emotions irrespective of the fact how old they have grown.

Parenting is a role for a lifetime, a responsibility that can be handled only with love. As parents, you always have your hands full. You are busy searching the best of the best for your kids' overall development and you need guidance to understand and cope with the good, bad and ugly of parenting. But with so much to juggle around as a parent where do you look for the right guidance and tips on health, grooming, play, knowledge and much more for your kids?


With these thoughts at core Kidmish comes into existence. We at Kidmish, understand how difficult it can be to handle the different phases and aspects of the growth of your child. We also understand  how difficult it is to source information that is reliable, time-tested and all in one place. So we have put together all our experiences, knowledge and partnerships to present for you the best one-stop parenting hub.


At Kidmish you will find yoga tips, home remedies, best health advice from renowned physicians and  most important the first hand experience of moms. We have partnered with various brands to bring for you the best in fashion and apparel, entertainment and events happening in and around your locality. What’s more, you get exclusive tips and advice from our experts on parenting with unique needs.


Each day at Kidmish we create, compile and curate information, products and deals to make parenting easier, fun and time saving. We bring for you the most authentic information from the fields of health, fashion, play and knowledge to make parenting even more memorable and enjoyable.


More about Kidmish under our various sections, come let's contribute, learn and explore together!